Eat Your Yard Jax Workshop Schedule

Take a seat for free hourly workshops to learn how you can grow, prepare, and eat your yard! From the experts at non-profit edible plant nursery, Eat Your Yard Jax. Join their movement and become a part of a larger community! Their mission is to educate children and adults on growing healthy food by providing demonstrations and resources to empower them to participate in urban agriculture.


12:30pm How to Grow a Food Forest

1:30pm All About Herbal Teas

2:30pm How Can We Help the Honeybees?

3:30pm Growing Mushrooms


12:30pm Get Children Out in the Garden

1:30pm How to Attract Pollinators

2:30pm All About Herbal Teas

3:30pm How to Grow a Food Forest


12:30pm Easy Empanadas from Your Yard Year-Round

1:30pm Video Tour of EYYJ and Q&A

2:30pm How Herbs and Plants Can Help Conquer Anxiety