Hear What Our Exhibitors Have to Say

Jacksonville Exhibitor Testimonials

If you’re in the home improvement industry, exhibiting in a home show is one of the best advertising options to add to your marketing mix. It’ll gives you the opportunity to meet qualified consumers from all over Jacksonville face to face. Everyone attending is coming with projects in mind, looking to meet home improvement pros.

You don't have to take our word for it when the hundreds of exhibitors who return show after show have this to say about their experience and results:

"One of the big reasons why we continue to do the show year after year, mainly is we have so many people moving here to Florida, it's an easy opportunity for me to grab new potential clients and get them to come see my retail store over and over, so in turn we can do a [landscape/hardscaping] design-build for them." - Jason Duffney, Earth Works

"One thing we love about the Jacksonville Home + Patio Show is, it drafts enough business for us for the whole entire year. We actually build outdoor kitchens, swim spas and it is absolutely packed every single time we come. We've been doing it now for almost ten years, we actually do [both] shows a year because of the business and the amount of people here. It's wall to wall people; we love it!" - Sean Jackrel, Premier Outdoor USA

"We're here exhibiting at the Jacksonville Home + Patio Show because this is the preeminent home and garden show in our region. Any vendor or contractor who appeals or sells to homeowners ought to be here! Our favorite part is all of the wonderful customers that we meet. We've been here for a day and we've already met over 100. I can't wait to see how many more customers we're going to meet in the next couple of days!" - Dino Rajhansa, Blingle of Jacksonville

"We've been coming here to the Jacksonville Home + Patio Show for about twelve years. We've been so so so grateful for Marketplace Events over the years. We do about 35-40 shows per year. We go everywhere with Marketplace Events... they are by far best promoters in the industry. If you're not with Marketplace Events, you are definitely missing out and you need to get onboard because they truly do take your business to a whole different level and degree." - Giovanni Alba, Relax in Comfort

"I've been doing the Jacksonville Home + Patio Show for about ten years and I keep coming back because of the quality of the leads. It really drives my business for the entire year. You just can't beat that!" - Carson Stevens, Lay-Z-Day Outdoor Furniture

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